PHOENIX Millwork: Millwork Laminate Cabinets and Casework for Commerical use in Texas and surrounding states
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Phoenix is a company whose purpose is to service primarily the commercial construction market with laminate cabinetry, high-end wood-veneer cabinetry, standing-and-running trim, solid surface, natural stone, and plastic laminate countertops, across continental United States licensed and operating in approximately 25 different states each year. 

Our drywall division, Phoenix Construction Services; provides a full scope of commercial drywall systems, acoustical ceilings, door and hardware installation, paint and miscellaneous carpentry items, such as rough carpentry and toilet partition installation in South and Central Texas.

At the end of 2010 Phoenix set up a stone fabrication shop and is now offering natural stone, quartz, and simulated stone countertops as part of our millwork packages.


Phoenix, as company, is made up of several key personnel, with up to 45 years individual experience in multiple facets of construction, and a heavy concentration in commercial carpentry, millwork and interior finishes such as drywall, acoustical ceilings and paint.

The manager of daily operations is Mark Hamilton being in business development and estimating, with 45 years construction experience in all the disciplines listed above. The balance of the key personnel and years of experience are as follows: Lori Biehle as Vice-President and CFO with 30 plus years of business accounting and management in a variety of industries, Audra Holston Controller 4 years. James Burch, as Vice-President of Construction Management, bring with him over 40 years’ experience having worked for, managed, and owned several large national commercial drywall businesses with extensive experience in drywall, acoustical applications, paint and vinyl wall coverings among other trades. .

The balance of the key personnel: in accounting Rosio Infante, contracts administration Charlene Weaver, Tammy Collier accounts receivable, and Marilyn Mayton accounts payable. In our millwork division, Landon Hendricks, is the Millwork Division Coordinator, Willie Osbon plant manager, Robert Wood, James Luna, Tina Montoya Project Management and Lacey Starkenburg Purchasing, Jim Wenzel, Kenneth Heller and Ethan Hamilton in millwork estimating, Javier Lumbereas our resident architect Drafting and Ian Hamilton, Todd Dahl millwork product engineering. In our drywall division, Gary Burch, and Andy Hamilton estimating. In addition to these key personnel Phoenix has other project managers and draftsmen in the drywall and millwork divisions.

We at Phoenix thank you for taking the time to read this short introduction and hope it will encourage you to consider our experience and skills when you solicit proposals on your next project.

Mark Hamilton, President


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